Thursday, July 05, 2007

As The Trade Winds Blow... can watch the Wheels in motion. Yes, our hero Chris Wheeler is at his absolute best when July hits and the Phillies throw themselves into the Wild Card hunt. He puts his nose to the ground and hits the phones to find the ballclub the best offers out there. Wheels was the one whom Ed Wade would go to for advice when up all night in his bunker in Clearwater, Florida. Wade was Wheeler's protege back when Wade started as the Player Personnel Administrator. He knew that to get to the top he had to ride the stallion that was, and indeed still is, Christopher Wheeler. Chris' vast knowledge of gamers, veterans, and screwballs helped to propel the team to several 80-some win seasons from 2002-2005, no small feat for a small-market team such as the Philadelphia Phillies.

And yet he still has so much to give. Word is he has even brought along Pat Gillick this season. Gillick, while accomplished, had yet to garner the all important respect he sorely wanted from Wheels. Deal after deal has been made to win this approval, but it proves elusive. One can only hope that Gillick is listening to the king of trade, the sultan of the deal, the prince of gamble, when he listens to offers throughout this month. To know Chris Wheeler is one thing; to earn his respect...well that's quite another.

God Bless Abraham Lincoln, Lance Armstrong, George Washington, Taylor Hicks, and Chris Wheeler.


At 5:29 AM, Blogger sandhiya said...

These are cool shots. Very detailed. I don't know if I will ride the Chairs wheeler.

Wheels in Florida


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